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A Florida based company with a group of affiliates specializing in real estate investments and property/portfolio management.   GHG offers complete real estate investment and management solutions, providing convenience and security for its clients.   GHG has an abounding record of obtaining properties with considerable upside potential.   Properties are developed, stabilized, and converted into cash generating assets.   GHG has been active in real estate investments and portfolio management since 2009, purchasing Hundreds of residential units.   GHG is constantly evolving and seeking new opportunities in this ever changing market reality.    GHG links on a regular basis with individuals and groups who participate as co-investors.   GHG leads as a group managing member and a local partner.   Specializing in Florida, GHG offers complete investment and management solutions to foreign clients.   Providing the security and comfort of having a local partner to all.

Southeast florida

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Favourable business environment – Florida has no State Income Tax.

One of the largest business centers in the U.S. - International banking, airlines, tourism and much more.

The U.S. Riviera – national and international center for tourism, conventions, art and culture.

Ideal climate – Warm weather all year long.

Hosts the third largest Airport in the U.S.

Sharp increase in home sales​ and prices.

Rising rental demand and prices.